Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Landons 23rd Birthday!!!:)

We didn't get to do to much for Landons birhday but overall it was a good day... He got up and went and worked out and then we went to the pool for a bit for him to swim and lay out and try to get a tan!! Then he was off to work and got home around 10:30... When he got home I had made him a BBQ Chicken and vegetables meal (one of his favorites), made him a cake and bought little Tom and Jerry cookie dough ice cream containers... One for each of us! And I rented a red box cause he is always wanting to watch a movie at night but I am always to tired, so I decided since it was his birthday I would let him watch a movie while I try to stay awake during it but of course I fell asleep... He also got flip flops for his birthday that is all he wanted so he can wear them to go swimming and play sand volleyball... He got a lot of birthday wishes from everyone here in Ohio and a lot of cards in the mail from family back home!! Overall he had a great day... Everytime he would do something that bugged me yesterday or knew he shouldn't do he would say, "Kacey its my birthday I can do whatever I want" and it was true and so I would let him.. But this morning we had slept in a little and I kept trying to get him to get out of bed and he said "Kacey it was my birthday yesterday I can do what I want" ha I think he thinks everyday is going to be his birthday now... Cross your fingers he doesn't keep it up!! Here are some pictures!!
Landon with all of his cards and presents.

23 candles sure did light up that cake... I dunno how many more you can put on there!

I know in this picture the meal looks nasty but it is so so good!!

Just a picture of us for his birthday!!

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