Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Landons 23rd Birthday!!!:)

We didn't get to do to much for Landons birhday but overall it was a good day... He got up and went and worked out and then we went to the pool for a bit for him to swim and lay out and try to get a tan!! Then he was off to work and got home around 10:30... When he got home I had made him a BBQ Chicken and vegetables meal (one of his favorites), made him a cake and bought little Tom and Jerry cookie dough ice cream containers... One for each of us! And I rented a red box cause he is always wanting to watch a movie at night but I am always to tired, so I decided since it was his birthday I would let him watch a movie while I try to stay awake during it but of course I fell asleep... He also got flip flops for his birthday that is all he wanted so he can wear them to go swimming and play sand volleyball... He got a lot of birthday wishes from everyone here in Ohio and a lot of cards in the mail from family back home!! Overall he had a great day... Everytime he would do something that bugged me yesterday or knew he shouldn't do he would say, "Kacey its my birthday I can do whatever I want" and it was true and so I would let him.. But this morning we had slept in a little and I kept trying to get him to get out of bed and he said "Kacey it was my birthday yesterday I can do what I want" ha I think he thinks everyday is going to be his birthday now... Cross your fingers he doesn't keep it up!! Here are some pictures!!
Landon with all of his cards and presents.

23 candles sure did light up that cake... I dunno how many more you can put on there!

I know in this picture the meal looks nasty but it is so so good!!

Just a picture of us for his birthday!!

Thurmans Cafe!

Sunday after church we decided to go check out a place called Thurmans Cafe! I guess they were on Man vs Food because their hamburgers are so big! I think the biggest one is called the Therminator and it is so huge and a boy out here in Ohio ate the whole thing... I have no idea how he did it... I wish I had a picture of how big the hamburger was to post on here... Anyways their hamburgers were amazing I loved them... Each one is 3/4 pound of meat... Here are picures below of mine and Landons hamburgers!
This is a picture of my hamburger! Huge right?

I had to smash it down to try to fit it in my mouth!

Landon eating his hamburger

This was us at Thurmans right before we ate... Its a dang good thing we took it before we ate because we couldn't move after eating those hamburgers... Overall it was a good little cafe and great food!!

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Ohio Lightening!

Last night Landon and I were laying in bed getting ready to go to sleep but instead we sat up for an hour watching the lightening! When is lightenings here it lights up the whole sky! So when we were laying in bed our whole room would just light up.. It is one of the coolest things.. But I love lightening so that is probably why! He are some videos of what the lightening is like here! You don't get the full effect in the videos cause you can't see it way good.. But it kind of shows you what it is like!

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Tornado Scare!

Well on Monday it was good sunny weather all day long.. Then come 8:15 at night and I hear a noise outside that sounded familiar.. Well every Wednesday here in Ohio they have a test tornado drill at 12 and that was the sound that I was hearing was the tornado warning.. So I went over to Jessicas house (one of the wives that lives here also) and made her come listen and we were all sorts of confused cause it wasn't bad weather at all just really dark clouds! So then we went to another girls house (Karlies) and made her come out and listen. Seriously not even 5 minutes later it started raining so hard and blowing way way hard.. We freaked out and our neighbor guy that has lived in Ohio his whole life said he had never seen weather like this before.. So we went and hid in my house and called our parents trying to figure out what to do!! Our husbands were still outside with no shelter and we were kind of freaking out! Anyways after about an hour of freaking out and not knowing what to do the tornado weather blew over us and we decided we werent going to die.. It was one of the scariest things that I have experienced but it definately made us prepare if it were to ever happen again... The first week I moved here my dad told me to go find a place that has an under ground shelter just in case a tornado happened and I never did.. Lets just say I will be scoping out Ohio to find the closest place to go hide during a tornado!!

Monday, May 23, 2011

Old Mans Cave Hike

Yesterday we drove for an hour and a half to a hiking place called Old Mans Cave.. It was so so pretty.. The drive into the park was gorgeous it was so green and so many trees everywhere.. It reminded me of being in the mountains and camping. The hike we went on wasn't very long or hard it was just way pretty.. There was tons of waterfalls and different kind of rock formations. It was way fun.. We went with  a big group of the people that are here with us for the summer.. Here are some pictures of our little adventure!
Me and Landon with the pretty scenery behind us!

This was a cool looking bridge

Landon, me, and Nick Porter. He is one of the single guys out here.. He is from Morgan, he graduated from High School early to come out here. When the summer is over he will go home and turn in his papers for his mission.

Jared, Jessica, Me, Landon, and little Parker in the front. This was called the Lower Falls. People came and just swam in this and stood under the waterfall behind us.

This is the waterfall people would stand under

This is Kennedy she is my little buddy.. We were going down to try to skip rocks in the water.

This was the Upper Falls of the hike.. This little waterfall with the bridge above it was beautiful!
All together we had a great time and will probably go back later in the year and do some of the other hikes!

Monday, May 16, 2011

St. Louis Cardinals Baseball Game!!!!

We finally got to go see Landon's favorite baseball team the St. Louis Cardinals play against the Cincinnati Reds. The game was in Cincinnati and it was only an hour and a half drive.. We found out the Cardinals were playing the Reds on Wednesday and decided to buy tickets on Saturday the day before the game.. It was seriously so much fun! It rained the entire game but that didn't stop Landon from smiling the whole game.. He was in heaven at that game.. I think he told me at least a hundred times how happy he was to be at that game, and it was the one thing he wanted to do the most was see his Cardinals play.. He was even more excited when he found out that the best pitcher on the Cardinals team was going to be starting pitching that game.. I would tell ya his name but I totally forgot it! We got to the park and toured the stadium and took pictures. Then we of course had to buy us a hot dog and drink, because it wouldn't be a real baseball game without em. Here are a few pictures of the amazing day that we had!:)
Landon in front of the stadium!

The infield... They left this tarp thing on the field because it was raining so hard and took it off right before the game started... It was huge!!!
Landon in front of the field

Us freezing our butts off before the game!

Landons all time favorite pitcher on the team pitching!
Outfield of the stadium

Us after the game... Still smiling even through the rain... Probably cause we were numb by the end of the game!

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Wedding Cake

Well they all say that you are supposed to keep the top portion of your wedding cake and freeze it and then eat it on your one year anniversary... Well we didn't, everyone told us it would be nasty and that it wasn't worth it.  So instead I decided to just remake the top of our wedding cake for our anniversary instead.. I had some great girls that I am living by come and help me recreate the wedding cake.. First off just know that we aren't cake decoraters and we didn't want to buy fondont because it is so expensive and so frosting just had to do... We had a great time remaking the cake and it turned out really good considering you can't make the exact same colors with food coloring that I had on our wedding day! It was fun and I totally surprised Landon with it and he absolutley loved it!!:) Here are pictures of the cake I made and the cake we had on our wedding day!